Chairman Message

Chairman Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Firows Facilities Management. Firows Facilities Management who has become one of the leading Integrated Facility Management companies in Qatar and UAE. welcoming more than 2,000 employees with a variety of 21 nationalities which represents a wide pool of talent and expertise.
Since 2012, we have developed large capabilities in many areas in order to have a robust system of Operations that allows us to work rapidly and efficiently. We have prioritized the development of the talent, as we believe that our people are at the center of our core-business. Along these years we have built an Integrated Facility Management platform based on our Best Practices and know-how, which allow us to ensure the same standards of quality for every project.
FFM’s vision is to become the most preferred partner for our clients by understanding their needs and providing tailor-made services with innovative and cutting-edge solutions. FMM focus on productivity as it is the key enabler for the success of an Integrated facility management service. For this reason, we promote the use of technology to bring efficiencies and savings to our projects; One of our more recent developments is a virtual reality platform for training in cleaning, which we combine with robots, or with the use of smart applications to manage systems in hard services.
As FM partners, we collaborate with governmental and private companies, in sectors like Education, Healthcare, Business and Hospitality buildings, Retails, streets or roads. This has contributed to develop the Experience of our teams, in different areas, becoming a reliable and flexible team, willing to undertake any challenge with motivation and engagement.
Our policies are defined to comply with our clients’ requirements and with the Governmental regulations and laws, and committed to ensure the safety and good welfare of our employees across all the communities where we operate.
I invite you to learn more about FMM by having a glimpse on our website.

Firows Abdul Raseed

Firows Facilties Management
Qatar | UAE

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